What a difference a year makes

It’s been discussed by Chris and me on our podcast, and written a number of times in The Giant Insider publication, to the point of exhaustion I may add, how I felt on draft night after the selection of Daniel Jones at six overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. I walked out of the draft in disgust and felt the Giants had utterly and completely blown it. There was the rain, the walk over the bridges, the pouting, etc….

Then, as I was sitting in my hotel room after storming out of the draft, the Giants selected (or “reached” in my estimation) for a run-stuffing defensive tackle in Dexter Lawrence. Neither Chris nor I understood the pick as their were a plethora of pass rushers to choose from at that point. I thought it was “another” blown selection.

At the very end of the first round, the Giants, at least I assumed, finally got it right with the selection of DeAndre Baker at 30 overall. To trade up into the first round and grab Baker was an aggressive way to solidify the cornerback position by grabbing college football’s best cover corner. I loved this pick!

Fast forward roughly 15 months, Jones is a young QB whom Giants fans should be ecstatic about, Lawrence could be an anchor on the defensive line for years to come, and Baker’s playing career (as well as his freedom) is completely in peril.

What a difference a year makes.


  1. And what a year it has been. Thanks guys as you keep trying to bring us @giants fans the news about our beloved team.

  2. It’s crazy when you think about it but then that’s life you think you have it all figured out and bam ! I for one can not wait to see the team this year very excited to see a lot of players take the next step , hope it’s a full season even if we can’t be in attendance 😢

  3. This is for Jerry Fole I read your article in the Giant Weekly on the best players in Giant history by number. Good article. I have been watching the Giants since Charlie Conerly and before. I was a little upset with your #66 picks. There was no mention at all about Jack Stroud, who I happen to think should have at least been mentioned. Just my opinion. Thank You

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