The Heavy Metal Coach

When Joe Judge reached out to Marc Colombo about coaching his offensive line, he had one thought in mind:


Colombo fits the part. He’s a nasty, powerful 6-8 mountain of a man who takes great pride in teaching trench warfare. He is the ideal coach to lead a young, rebuilding line is that was priority No.1 in the offseason for general manager Dave Gettleman.

Colombo, 41, last played in the NFL in 2011, but he remembers what it takes to excel on Sunday afternoons. He plans on teaching everything he learned playing in the league to his new group.

“I think it’s a work ethic, it’s a nasty attitude, going out there and just kind of imposing our will on the defense,” Colombo said. “I want guys flying around, that’s non-negotiable. That’s comes right from coach (Joe) Judge and this organization.

let’s face it, the Giants offensive line has been mediocre at best since 2012. And nasty? Please…

Colombo demands respect. He was a first-round pick in 2002 by the Chicago Bears, playing in 115 regular season and postseason games, starting 99 of them for the Bears, Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.

“Marc was a hell of a player for us in Dallas,” Jason Garrett said. “He was a natural leader, he played the game the right way. You talk about a guy who is going to fight, he’s smart, tough and disciplined.”

Players like Will Hernandez have already fallen in love playing for Colombo.

“It’s awesome having somebody who’s actually been there,” Hernandez said. “He has a lot of insight and information that he can pass to us, he’s one of us, one of the guys.”

Colombo coaches like he likes his music, fast and loud. He’s a heavy metal fan who actually took a few years off from the game to play in a band. He played guitar for a few bands and is a self-admitted heavy metal music junkie.

“I’m an old school metal guy,” Colombo said after I asked him his band preference. “Metallica, anything from the 80s. Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, Ride the Lightning, Kill ‘Em. That’s the music I love, the music I play.”

If the Giants offensive line plays well, it will be sweet music all around.

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